...the layering of building components and disciplines

Foli8 is the building design business of Registered Building Practitioner, Terri Thompson, who, as a sole practitioner, provides clients with professional, attentive service, with quality documentation and content throughout the process of delivering exceptional home designs.

Terri Thompson has been producing Architectural Drafting Documentation since 1979, in all aspects of Commercial and Residential Buildings and has been operating the Residential Design Business of Foli8 since the year 2005.

The process of building creation is the layering, or foliating of many building elements and structure; of materials, of disciplines and building procedures; and of collaboration with a client’s brief throughout the design process; of sound technical knowledge, theory and regulatory requirements.

These are all brought together by Foli8, to create an individual haven of spatial form and functionality, through Foli8’s commitment to expressive building design and the creation of quality, uplifting, climate responsive, modern contemporary design.

The winning design of the Master Builders
'Excellence in Housing Awards 2012'
For: Best renovation / addition in the $500,000 - $1M category.
'Commendation Award' in the 2013 BDAV Awards 
For: Residential Design Alterations & Additions over $500,000 category.